COVID19 update, June 19, 2020: Second wave in Israel; Q&A with Dr. Seheult

(1) So it looks like, sadly, we have a real second wave here, with new cases per day now crossing the 300 mark. Unlike in the winter, most of the new cases are kids or young people for whom the disease is usually not life-threatening, and our hospitals are doing fine for ICU capacity thanks to the earlier scramble to set up new “machlakot keter” (lit.: ‘crown departments’) at the various hospitals. Healthcare officials are basically saying, “we’re ready” rather than “the sky is falling”.

In part thanks to that, presumably, it appears officials have decided that the cost of a second lockdown, both economically and in terms of collateral damage to human life, will exceed any benefit, and that therefore we’re staying open.


Below is a graph from the new, and highly informative, COVID19 data dashboard of the health ministry. Male in blue, female in green, population pyramid is the fuzzy background, the focused bars are the age distribution of active cases. 

COVID19 age pyramid Israel

(2) this Q&A section with Roger Seheult MD is long but highly informative. 



More later… Shabbat shalom…

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