Friday night delight: Liszt,. Concert Etude #3 in Db major, “Un Sospiro” (a sigh)

[no COVID19 post today — probably tomorrow]

Here are two performances of a little gem among Liszt’s earlier, flashier work. Before Liszt retired from the concert stage, his archival was the now-mostly forgotten Sigismund Thalberg, whose “party trick” was to keep a melody going on top of a two-handed accompaniment. Liszt was dismissive of what he might have called a “gimmick” of he spoke English, but he then exploited it to great effect in some of his own compositions, notably the famous “Liebestraum” in Ab major, and the following piece. Enjoy!



And while I’m at it, let me share a piece in the same key that appears in Operation Flash, Episode 3, where the two protagonists meet, and Diana Slater lacks the words to tell Felix Winter what is on her mind. 

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