COVID19 update, April 7, 2020: hemoglobin, COVID19, and hydroxychloroquine; miscellaneous updates

A potentially HUGE finding in a preprint suggests a radically different mechanism for hydroxychloroquine’s action in COVID19. TL;DR in layman language: that a lot of the hypoxyia (oxygen starvation) of severe COVID-19 patients is due to hemoglobin in red blood cells being disrupted by the virus (as it is by the malaria pathogen), and that hydroxychloroquine protects hemoglobin in both diseases. A layman’s discussion can be found here.

“Masgramondou” has an origin hypothesis for the outbreak that sounds disturbingly plausible to anyone who subscribes to the “incompetence before malice” or “c*ck-up before conspiracy” principle.

How helpful is soap against COVID-19? If yes, why? The American Chemical Society has a helpful YouTube video

The leader article of German center-right daily Die Welt is entitled: “the end of globalization as we know it”

Ventilator outcomes discussed by Roger Seheult MD . In another video, he weighs in on the beneficial effect of sauna baths for immunity in general and in COVID-19 in particular (hat tip: Mrs. Arbel) Finnish statistics so far look enviable.

My friend Tom Knighton lives in  Dougherty County in rural GA, which found itself coping with a fierce COVID-19 outbreak following a “super-spreader” event at a funeral. But it seems they are now seeing the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

Israel, which saw super-spreader events during Purim parties a month ago, is now taking the drastic step of imposing a curfew from a few hours before the Passover seder until the next morning. Seders are to be done strictly in the home, nuclear family only, no guests. 

Japan, which was very reluctant to do so, finally declares pandemic emergency

And Instapundit minces no words in USA Today .

UPDATE: via David Bernstein, interactive COVID-19 map of the New York City metropolitan area. Counterintuitively, Manhattan is not the worst hit pro capita: that extremely dubious honor falls to the nearer commuter counties.
NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, hovewer, points to an apparent “flattening of the curve” in hard-hit NYC.

5 thoughts on “COVID19 update, April 7, 2020: hemoglobin, COVID19, and hydroxychloroquine; miscellaneous updates

  1. I noticed that the “layman’s explanation” of the hemoglobin issue was deleted from Medium and the account suspended. There are other active posts on Medium presenting exactly the same science, but minus the gleeful jabs at every knee-jerker who attacked Trump for “touting” the drug. (“It’s Drumpf’s fault that the guy in Arizona swallowed fish-tank cleaner!”)

    • There’s been a disturbing pattern of any kung flu article I’ve seen shared from Medium being suspended, at least if it pointed to science that didn’t consist of “shelter in place, lock down until told to resume your life.”

      • Foxfier: Hmmm… that politically-neutral Medium story about hemoglobin and Covid19, which I read just hours ago, has now been edited — with the entire section on hemoglobin and hypoxia removed! A note in brackets from the author said simply that “the information has been debunked.”

        That’s mighty fast debunking, considering that the scientific abstract linked above, about viral proteins binding to hemoglobin! is dated March 30. A hypothesis published a week ago has already been “debunked”? Seriously?

        All I can find from Googling is that Covid19 patients don’t tend to have high levels of the virus in their blood — the opposite of what you’d expect to find if the virus were indeed targeting red blood cells and damaging the hemoglobin and then causing the cell to burst open, releasing thousands of new viruses. So that could certainly be a legitimate reason to doubt the hypothesis from the get-go.

      • Best guess? Probably the same thing as the last one, where it was “debunked” by a paid educator committing a list of fallacies in place of arguments against it. Scientism. Icky.

        I didn’t have an attachment to Medium in the first place. Once I recognized the pattern, and remembered a couple of mommy articles that went missing, I just added the platform to the “highly responsive to claims of BadThink” and try to remember to duplicate anything I run into that might be useful. I can’t even remember what the articles I read were about, just that the Karens would be upset and not have a leg to stand on against them.

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