Still alive; writing projects

This blog has been fairly silent due to a combination of real life and three long-form writing projects.

The first project, a quirky music-themed romance novel called “On Different Strings”, is currently being copy-edited, and should hit the Kindle Store sometime next month. I will post one or more teaser chapters later, or create a separate author blog for that purpose.

For the second project, an espionage thriller, I have laid down the “draft zero” (a.k.a. the ‘piano and vocal demo’). Individual chapters are being passed around to FB friends for critiquing.

The third project, currently half written, is a murder mystery involving the protagonists from On Different Strings as sleuths.

The kind of entertainment fiction I like best almost invariably entails some degree of genre crossover: my ambition is to ‘write the books I’d like to read’ in this regard. One recommendation to beginning fiction writers is “write what you know”, so one doesn’t either get mired down in research, or write howlers. Indeed, for my initial forays into fiction writing, I am sticking to settings and subject matter I am intimately familiar with.

This has been a great learning experience. I would not be able to pull this off without a little (more like: a lot) of help from my friends in cyberspace. The greatest challenge has been learning the rules of a game that is radically different from the type of technical nonfiction writing I do for work. There, one wants things to be as clear, unambiguous, and comprehensive as you can, yet also as concise as possible — everything else can be sacrificed to that. A storyteller’s goal is to entertain one’s readers: that often means deliberately leaving things open and ambiguous to the end (or leaving them to the reader’s imagination entirely) — and sacrificing everything for the sake of the story if need be. It also means leaving some things to the reader’s imagination — the very last thing I’d want to do in my day job.

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