I have been filled with a sense of foreboding recently.

The lib-left Inner Party has been overreaching and playing with fire. Soon they may get a reward they never bargained for, and the rest of us may get a cure that is as bad as the disease.

When you have insanity like this going on (just the most recent of heaps of examples)

SIGNS OF CIVILIZATIONAL COLLAPSE: Danish teen fought off her attacker – now she’ll face fine… via

And anybody who speaks up is shouted down by tarring them with the “R”, “S”, or “H” scarlet letters, eventually people get so angry that they will glom onto the first demagogue who dares say out loud what they themselves are thinking, and who does not try to wish the elephant in the room away (or worse, play a shell game with it).

Furthermore, when you keep trying to muzzle people by speciously accusing them of being “racists”, “sexists”, “homophobes”,… eventually some will say “I may as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb” and join truly unsavory elements.

All of this is utterly predictable to anyone with an elemental feel for mass psychology. Hence the rise of a blowhard demagogue like Trump. Note that I am not accusing him of being the R, S, or H words – I think Trump’s entire ideology starts and ends with his own 0bama-sized ego. Nature abhors a vacuum, Trump saw it, filled the void, and is obtaining the narcissistic supply from it he seeks. Think of the “Mirror, Mirror” episode of Star Trek (TOS), and what 0bama would look like in the parallel universe where Spock had a beard.

Trump may not get the nomination. If he does, he stands a very serious chance of being elected. Contrary to the prejudices of some, this prospect is giving many constitutional conservatives sleepless nights. A number of years ago, a dystopian novel named “Caliphate” (Baen Free Library Link) was published which prefigured not only the rise of an ISIS-like movement but also the rise to power of a populist politician who promptly proceeds to use the legal and bureaucratic tools put in place by his lib-left predecessor against the ones who created them in the first place.


And that is just the US. In Europe, I see similar things happening. Sane liberals, moderates, and constitutional conservatives alike watch in horror as a three-cornered psychodrama unfolds: between an ever more delusional looney left out-virtue-signaling each other; an ever more psychotic Islamofascism; and a yearning for/resurgence of authoritarian populist-right strongmen.

Cinema buffs may know the following eerie Chopin Prelude (No. 2 in A minor) from the Ingmar Bergman movie “Autumn Sonata”. All the preludes were given nicknames in Hans von Bülow’s edition (e.g. the “Raindrop” for No. 15 in Db major). This one was given the heading “Todesahnung”, German for “foreboding of death”.

I’m a natural “dark optimist” — worried about things that can go wrong, wanting to stitch in time to save nine, but fundamentally with a deep sense thing will turn out alright in the end.

But like in the hoary Jewish joke, “you think it’s easy being an optimist?”


One thought on “Foreboding

  1. The problem as i see it is there is not a lot that the moderates (left or right) can do. And they are the only ones who see the disaster and would be prepared to do anything. The further right have no benefit from not allowing it to proceed – especially in Europe. The more the Islamic migrants and the left enablers and supporters do, the more support the right gains (they are hardly far right any more). The left are in a cleft stick: they have never enjoyed more power, had things go more their direction, in any number of areas. Their electoral powerbase is a confederation of un-natural bedfellows, who have stood together, are bound together. They would have to abandon at least some those (there goes power) and some of their gains – a lot of the things they’ve stood for, and their present leadership, to gain the support they need — or at least to avoid having those draconian measures turned against them. They are not prepared to give an iota.

    They’re resorting to desperate measures – heavily one sided censorship, Media manipulation and blackouts, vicious personal attacks (because they cannot attack the substance, they attack the person). It’s not working. All they’re doing is raising the pressure, making their weapons distrusted and ineffectual. They are used to weapons like accusations of ‘sexist’ and ‘racist’ being the equivalent of A-bombs. They have used them indiscriminately, for trivial defenses – when they will not stand examination. Those words are less believed, and less destructive. At this rate they may well fail entirely, and there is real racism and real sexism, which will be the loser.

    The left need to take major strides towards the center, and push back hard on the desperate measures (for example deal harshly with one-sided censorship, and punish their own people)- before they are used against them – to get the moderates back — people they have attacked and vilified for years.

    It’s not going to happen. And as a thinking man of independent mind I honestly do not know what step I could take to save them from the consequences of their folly – consequences which will affect me, but not as badly as them.

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