Posted by: New Class Traitor | December 4, 2015

So what do we know? It appears to be a case of premature detonation.

Executive summary: Nicki goes through what is known about the San Bernardino massacre, and concludes they were prepared for a big attack elsewhere but something made them “go off prematurely” at the county employees event instead.

The Liberty Zone

Note to some readers, whose attention span is that of gnats on meth: I wrote this piece as events were unfolding. I also tried to take everything we knew then and know now into account when examining the events in San Bernardino. There are some strange details about this attack that make it seem like it was a bit more spontaneous than a normal jihadist attack. And if you actually read to the end, my assessment is that there may have been a bigger attack planned, but Farook probably lost his temper at the party and launched an unplanned, spontaneous attack on his coworkers, rather than waiting to execute a bigger event elsewhere that he and Malik probably planned. In essence, this is my attempt to analyze the actual details of the event and provide a deeper analysis than just “OMG JIHAD!”

Yesterday’s shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San…

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