I am a climate skeptic who believes in global warming

A pretty good summary on where CAGW skeptics (a.k.a. “climate realists”) agree with climate alarmists (more than you might think), and where they part company.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Richard J. Petschauer

A skeptic that believes in global warming? How can that be? We have been told that climate skeptics, sometime incorrectly called “deniers”, still believe the earth is flat and disagree with 97% of scientists. Well, first of all, most of us have seen a globe and know what it represents. Second, do you know on what these scientists agree? If not, don’t feel bad. Those making these claims, mostly politicians, probably don’t know either. Actually, a rather poor survey was done looking at a summary of many technical papers. If any one of many climate related points were made, they were put in the 97% camp. This article would probably have qualified too.

But the real question, not covered in the survey: How fast will the earth warm if we do nothing to curtail the growth of man made carbon dioxide emissions? And how…

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One thought on “I am a climate skeptic who believes in global warming

  1. Petschauer is wrong. There is only one distinction: those who believe in what they are told by the UN/IPCC, by the media, and by various organizations, and any verifiable scientific facts and evidence produced.

    Scientific skeptics (the only honest kind of scientists) question Man-made global warming (MMGW) for one simple reason: there has never been an empirical, testable measurement of MMGW.

    If measurements of AGW (anthropogenic global warming) were found, they would resolve the question of climate sensitivity: how much would global temperatures rise following a doubling of CO2?

    Guesstimates for the sensitivity number range from 6º+ C, to zero. And everything in between. The reasion we don’t know the sensitivity number is because no one has ever measured or quantified MMGW. Tbhus, MMGW remains no more than a Conjecture (the first stage in the hierarchy: Conjecture, Hypothesis, Theory, Law). A conjecture is only an opinion.

    The public is being sold a pig in a poke. After almost a century of searching by well paid scientists using the latest equipment, there is still no measurable evidence for MMGW. The “carbon” scare is designed to pass carbon taxes. It has nothing to do with verifiable science.

    Skeptics are not like the climate alarmist crowd, to which Richard Petschauer belongs. He is no skeptic. What skeptics are saying is: produce verifiable, testable scientific evidence quantifying the fraction of MMGW, out of total global warming, including natural warming.

    No one has ever been able to produce any such measurements, despite many years of trying. That leads directly to one of two conclusions:

    Either AGW is too minuscule to measure, or AGW does not exist.

    As a skeptic I am willing to accept the conjecture that AGW exists. But if so, it is obviously very tiny, or it would have been measured by now. More than a billion dollars annually are spent searching for those measurements. The fact that MMGW has never been quantified is very strong evidence that there is no problem whatever. In fact, there has been no global warming for more than eighteen years now, despite a steady rise in the trace gas CO2.

    There is the Scientific Method, and there is politics. Petschauer is attempting to triangulate skeptics into two separate groups, and adding climate alarmists. That is wrong. Scientific skeptics understand that despite decades of searching, no one has ever quantified MMGW. Thus, at this point MMGW is politics, not science.

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