Dutch mall shooting claims 7 dead, 16 wounded

At a Dutch shopping mall at the Amsterdam suburb of Alphen on the Rhine (Alphen aan de Rijn), a shooter killed 7 and wounded 16 before turning the gun on himself. (See, e.g., CNN via multiple sources on Twitter.)

And that’s despite gun control laws that are outright draconian by US standards.

According to the liveblog at Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad (in Dutch), the shooter was a native Dutchman age 24. He was a member of a shooting club, held permits for five guns, and owned three. It is not clear if the weapon he used (which sounds like a submachine gun from the vague descriptions) was one of the licensed ones. Despite earlier claims, he does not appear to have been ex-military.

His mother found a suicide note. He had previously been the subject of a police inquiry (no details given) but the case was dismissed. More here (likewise in Dutch). Another note supposedly claimed that bombs had been left at three malls: these had been evacuated but no bombs were found.

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