The voters spoke loudly…

… and it was a rout in the House, with about 60 seats flipping from Deemocrat to GOP.

The GOP did very well in governorships too, and picked up several Senate seats.

Cliffhangers continue: in FL a narrow GOP lead for Governor (but outside the automatic recount limit), in WA Patty Murray (D) holds a hairbreadth lead over Dino Rossi (R) for the Senate, in CO Ken Buck (R) holds a very narrow lead for the Senate, and in AK 40% went to some 110 write-in candidates. Most of these presumably went to various spellings of Lisa Murkowski, but enough to beat the 35% of Joe Miller (R)?

Updates forthcoming, but the voters “put a restraining order” on the 0bama agenda.

Sadly, of course, one of my old home states (CA) has thoroughly californicated itself. On the bright side, the GOP will be out of the picture for its impending fiscal meltdown.

UPDATE: Erick Erickson points at the story-under-the-radar: the GOP sweep in State Houses.

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