“Keep the change!” Summary of updated results

More results are in now.

House (all seats up for  election): the Deemocrats [sic] got the whole can of whupass. 239 seats R, 185 D, 11 still too close to call. Net GOP gain so far: +61 seats (64 wins, 3 losses).
Senate (only third of seats up for election): 49 D, 46 R, 2 Independents [Joe Lieberman from CT and self-declared “socialist” Bernie Sanders from VT], 3 seats (CO, WA, and AK) too close to call.

Patty Murray (D) leads Dino Rossi (R) by 14,000 votes, with 62% of precincts reporting. As WA has mail-only balloting, this could take another week to shake out.
CO: Michael Bennet (D) leads by 15,000 votes, with 89% of precincts reporting. [UPDATE 3:44 PM Central: incumbent Michael Bennet (D) kept CO. That leaves WA and AK., with WA being the only real cliffhanger.]
AK: will take ages to count the write-in votes (41%), most of which (but how many) going to the GOP establishment candidate Lisa Murkowski who lost the primary, vs. 34% to insurgent GOP candidate and Tea Party favorite Joe Miller. The Dem is far behind at 24%, with 99% of precincts reporting. Only question is which Republican gets elected.

Governors (37 out of 50 up for election): as of this morning 27 GOP, 15 D, 1 Independent [Lincoln Chafee from RI], 7 too close to call yet [including FL, IL, ME, MN, OR, VT, and CT], net gain +3 for GOP.

Meanwhile, Alex Sink in FL and the Independent in ME conceded, adding two GOP governors, but Dan Malloy won an equally narrow victory over Tom Foley (R). This brings net GOP gain to +4.

Outstanding races:

IL: incumbent Pat Quinn (D) leading by 8,50012,000 votes with 99%100% reporting.
OR: Chris Dudley (R) leading by 14,500 votes with 95% reporting.
MN: Mark Dayton (D) leading Tom Emmer (R) by 9,000 votes with 100% reporting. Without spoiler Independent Tom Horner, this state too would have gone GOP.
VT: Peter Shumlin (D) leading Brian Dubie (R) by 4,400 3,500 votes, with 92%97% in.

Assuming this picture stays the same, that’s one GOP pickup and two losses, bringing the net GOP gain back to 3 governors.

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