Hora est! Today’s the day!

From the ‘right’ side of the aisle, he final prediction from Scott Elliott of ElectionProjection.com:

49 Republicans49 Democrats2 Independents
243 Republicans192 Democrats
30 Republicans19 Democrats1 Independents

On the left side of the aisle, Nate Silver of fivethirtyeight.com

Average outcome after 100,000 simulations

Updated Democrats Republicans Other
Senate Nov. 1 51.7 48.3 0.0
House Nov. 1 201.9 233.1 0.0
Governor Nov. 1 19.1 30.1 0.8

Today is the day! And remember, if it ain’t close, any level of cheating the Deemocrats can get away with won’t matter.

UPDATE: (h/t: Fenway Nation):

One thought on “Hora est! Today’s the day!

  1. I in turn should thank the Lonely Conservative
    [www.lonelyconservative.com] for the Republican Governor’s Association video…..

    I was a little bummed with some of the results out west, but they sure kicked ass when it came to the governor’s mansion, didn’t they?

    /must’ve been the slick, jump-cut laden videos.

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