Unbearable sanctimoniousness

(On screen.) Recently Netflix CEO Reed Hastings put his foot in his mouth when, in response to complaints about Netflix’s lower prices in Canada, he called Americans “self-absorbed”.

Laura Curtis notes that Hastings donates a lot of money to liberal political candidates, and then offers a nice gallery of liberal “heed my words, not my deeds” hypocrisy.

I had no time for conservative hypocrites who talk the talk but do not walk the walk. However, their sanctimonious counterparts on the left manage to make them look good in comparison.


One thought on “Unbearable sanctimoniousness

  1. Once upon a time, there used to be a website called ‘Buy Blue’ which was intended for liberals and progressives to steer other like minded individuals towards companies and businesses that donated funds towards causes they were sympathetic towards….

    These companies were graded by the powers that be, but a problem arose when conservatives discovered the site, and instead of protesting or crying ‘foul’, they steered clear of the places that got high marks from ‘Buy Blue’ and started giving their time and money to those that got low marks from the group.

    The Buy Blue people were stunned that conservatives would ju-jitsu their own special list against them like that….

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