Is “we suck less” enough of a GOP strategy?

Some reflections from the Lone Star State.

Sure enough, at the rate the Dems and BHOzo are shooting themselves in the foot (and  turning erstwhile supporters into foes) the best way you can do is to interfere with that as little as possible. Even the “last argument of the [naked] king”, the race/bigotry card, is losing its sway over the people.

But is “we suck less than the other guys” really a winning strategy?

The Tea Party movement seems to be a leaderless movement based around a few general principles (a return to limited government, throw out Democrat and “Dem-lite” incumbents alike, …) This is its strength and its weakness alike.

The GOP establishment, for that matter, seems to be running around like a headless chicken. Some see the Tea Party as a threat to their own personal perks: Dan Riehl on many occasions expressed his frustration with professional politicians who are not necessarily unhappy with the GOP being in the minority as long as they enjoy perks and easy money. (Nor, shall I add, is the phenomenon of “America’s Ruling Class” limited to the Dems. I am sure some “Country Club Republicans” would rather see the GOP lose than “the wrong kind of people” being catapulted into office.)

Others realize (rightly) that any GOP insider involvement with the Tea Party movement would just be messing up a good thing, and decide that when they can neither lead nor follow it is best to stay out of the way.

Yet others seem to be in the following mode: “Let’s see what we have to work with in November, then we’ll come up with a plan”. This is too close for comfort to the “1. Make Internet startup company. 2. ?  3. Profit!” strategy. It is also quite unlike the November 1994 takeover of Congress, fueled not just by voter discontent but also by a clear message (Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America”). The closest the GOP has to a Gingrich (regardless of the man’s personal flaws) this time around is Paul Ryan, and his message is at best half-hearted.

Don’t get cocky, guys. Any victory that is less than crushing will be spun away by the Dems and the lamestream media (88% of whose campaign contributions went to 0bama in 2008). We don’t just have to win: we have to win so big that they can’t ignore it. And this, I am afraid, will require more than just saying “we suck less”.

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