“Journalism” and Asimov’s Foundation trilogy

A commenter at Tom Maguire’s place has a priceless observation on a recent piece by Dana Milbank (sigh) in the Washington Post:


“The Arizona Guardian Web site [link] checked with medical examiners in Arizona’s border counties”

Now *that* is the kind of gung-ho investigative reporting that cost Nixon his Presidency! When facts need checking and someone has to do the digging … call someone else and hope like heck they have a clue.

Funny how news reporting now so closely resembles Empire Archeology in [Isaac] Asimov’s Foundation series.

Heh. The remark refers to a passage in the first Foundation novel where a decadent nobleman from the decaying galactic Empire, Lord Dorwin, brags about his research into the “Origin Question”, i.e., the birth planet of mankind. All of his “research” involves comparing books written hundreds of years ago, based themselves on secondary or tertiary sources.

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