Some US elected officials seem to fail middle school geography

Un-freaking-believable. Milwaukee County supervisor Peggy West criticizes the Arizona border enforcement law on the ground that… Arizona does not directly abut the Mexican border. Video below thanks to FreethinkerNY of the team.  The “WTF” moment is at 0:22.

Has this woman invented “postmodern geography”, in which longitude and latitude are social constructs, and Arizona not bordering on Mexico is just a “different narrative”?

“All at once, [Sky Marshal Hannah] Avram decided she’d had enough. Carried beyond a certain point, stupidity was personally offensive to her.” (David Weber and Steve White, “In Death Ground”)

[CORRECTION: FreethinkerUS is apparently not the same individual as FreeThinkerNY. The video can also be see as part of “Kruiser Kontrol” episode “Idiots without borders” (free or paid PJTV registration required) ]

2 thoughts on “Some US elected officials seem to fail middle school geography

  1. This is absolutely disgraceful. What’s amazing is that idiots like this still feel that they have enough superior intellect to lecture the rest of us. This is no different than when Obama made reference to 57 states.

  2. I remember hearing some teacher not too long ago bragging about how she was able to shape young minds into cheerleading against the Iraq war even though (I’m paraphrasing) ‘most of them couldn’t find Iraq on the map’

    If they can’t find Iraq on the map, then that means you’re a failure as a teacher.

    Hell…..maybe she thinks the 0bama administration sent those 1200 National Guardsmen to the Arizona border to keep all the NEW Mexicans out…..

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