Posted by: New Class Traitor | June 26, 2010

0bama election: “A perfect storm of shallow stupidity”

This comment, on an article about foreign central banks going for gold, just encapsulates… it all (via Insty):

John|6.25.10 @ 10:39AM|#

The election of Obama was really the penultimate expression of our social and political neurosis. Think about it. He was black so he allowed people to feel good about themselves voting for a black man. Racial neurosis check. He was young, so it allowed people to think they were going to relive JFK. Boomer nostalgia neurosis, check. And he was from the upper middle class uber educated doucheoisie. Status and class neurosis check.

It was really all there. A perfect storm of shallow stupidity.



  1. It would have really been stupid to elect McCain/Palin. That would have been the end of America.

    • They’d have to work real hard to do worse than what we have now. Electing a pug would be an improvement.

  2. That’s the best you can do, Ben? Don’t you have some tangible accomlishments indicating how much America has improved under 0bama? Or are you just content to recycle talking points from the 2008 Presidential campaign and continue drinking the ‘failed policies of the last 8 years’ Kool-Aid?

    The Bush/Cheney/McCain/Palin boogeyman only works if the current POTUS is NOT a bloviating, thin-skinned, petulant, whiney self-aggrandizing fuck-up.

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