Etheridge the Unready

Nice pun by Power Line on king Ethelred the Unready, but the real story is one in the “if this weren’t our country it would be funny” category.

Watching the video [above] in this post at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government site yesterday, my first thought was that there is something wrong with Rep. Bob Etheridge [D-NC]. He was set off by the question asked on the street outside a Nancy Pelosi fundraiser: “Do you fully believe in the Obama agenda?”

Now that may be a difficult question for a Democratic congressman from a swing district in North Carolina, but it didn’t even necessarily call for a response. Rep. Etheridge could easily have ignored it and gone on his merry way.

Instead Etheridge went ballistic.Perhaps the single most obvious point demonstrated by the video is that Etheridge is unfit for high office. It is a point that applies to many incumbent congressmen, including my own. (That would be Minnesota Fourth District Rep. Betty McCollum.) Whoever the young interrogators of Rep. Etheridge, and whatever their motives, Etheridge unmistakably revealed that he is a bully and a nut.

The article goes on to detail the “blame the victim” response of the Dem spinmeisters, as well as the lame response of the legacy media. Just imagine if this had been a Republican congressman dog-collaring a Kos Kid…

One thought on “Etheridge the Unready

  1. This could’ve been a meticulously choreographed ambush interview planned by Karl Rove, Micheal Steele and zombie Strom Thurmond, that doens’t change the fact that the congressman got belligerent and grabby when two people on a public sidewalk had the unmitigated chutzpah to ask the congressman a question when he could’ve just as easily said ‘No comment and kept on walking.

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