‘Black flight’ in the Dallas school district

Here is a Dallas Morning News story that is guaranteed to make liberal heads explode, as it pits two favored ‘mascot’ groups of the ‘anointed’ against each other.

The subject is ‘black flight’ in the Dallas school district. Black parents are increasingly trying to move to better-to-do suburbs, in order to place their children in highly ranked schools there. The main motive? Guess what: lower percentages of Hispanic/Latino kids.

I never subscribed to the asinine theory that only white people can be ethnically prejudiced. (I avoid ‘racist’ here, since Latinos can be of any race.) And ethnic tensions between blacks and Hispanics certainly exist. But it appears that the real motivation is not ethnic bigotry per se, but avoiding recent immigrant (legal and otherwise) kids with deficient English.

Go read the whole piece. Note that it is not written from a conservative or libertarian point of view.

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