Claire Berlinski on Soviet archive documents

City Journal has a long essay by Claire Berlinski, “The hidden history of evil“, on the horrors emerging from Soviet archive documents and the damning evidence of complicity of Western leftist and “pacifist” figures in covering up evil. Go read every word of it.

I have for long had an observation similar to Claire’s. “Perhaps it doesn’t surprise you to read that prominent European politicians held these views. But why doesn’t it? It is impossible to imagine that figures who had enjoyed such close ties to the Nazi Party—or, for that matter, to the Ku Klux Klan or to South Africa’s apartheid regime—would enjoy top positions in Europe today. The rules are different, apparently, for Communist fellow travelers.” And it’s not just the establishment.

UPDATE: Ron Radosh, while agreeing with this sentiment, points out that the “hidden” document collections discussed by Berlinski are in fact widely available. In refuting what he (mis)interpreted as a personal attack on the editor of Yale University Press, he actually inadvertently strengthens her main point: that there is a degree of indifference to the crimes of Communism on the part of the (itself shrinking) book-buying public.

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