Rahm Emanuel in full damage control mode to Jewish community

Clearly David Goldman’s earlier revelations about the Jewish community (and leadership) starting to turn its back on 0bama were not just wishful thinking. Herb Keinon in the Jerusalem Post (via WeaselZippers)  reports on furious damage control efforts by WH staff chief Rahm Emanuel that simply smell like panic.

He is being assisted in these efforts by a number of rabbis that either have drunk the Kool-Aid or are trying to limit the damage of an administration they themselves perceived as (actually or potentially) hostile. This latter practice, “shtadlanut” (literally: “intercession”) has been around for as long as there has been a Jewish diaspora, arguably longer (cf. the Book of Esther).

Calling these rabbis “Jewish uncle Toms” is unfair : besides, there are enough real ones, so let’s not cheapen a perfectly good insult by overuse. Terms like “shtadlanim” or perhaps  “court Jews” are more accurate to describe their specific behavior.


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