Friday Night Beauty: Porcupine Tree, “Waiting, Phase 1″

Porcupine Tree — the main musical outlet of singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Steven Wilson — is pretty much the Pink Floyd of the 21st century as far as I am concerned.

While PT frontman Steven Wilson is not Jewish and has no need for in organized religion, he divides his time between Golders Green (the Jewish area of London par excellence) and Tel Aviv, Israel, where (as one of many musical side projects) he recorded two albums with Israeli songwriter (and enfant terrible) Aviv Geffen under the moniker Blackfield. Here is a 2006 interview with Wilson in the English edition of the Yediot Achronot daily.

Here is the studio version of one of Wilson’s most atmospheric songs, and one of my personal favorites: “Waiting, phase one” from the album “Signify”. No video, but the audio more than makes up for that. (All guitar parts, including the heart-rending guitar solo in the middle, are by Wilson himself.)

Below is a 1999 live version, with some allowances for the missing guitar overdubs.

Finally,, as something of a curiosum, here is PT frontman Steve Wilson in a solo acoustic  performance at a 2003 performance in Israel.

Musicians: the tabs I saw on the net are a bit off. This is the chord scheme how I play it:

F#m7 — F#m6 — Dmaj7

C#m7 — Abm7 — Bsus2 — Gmaj7

(And yup, I’m a sucker both for extended chords and for the key of F# minor.)


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