Arbitrariness in government assistance

Conservative in the Closet has the dirt on government assistance to parents with disabled children in Canada, and how government bureaucrats decide on a semi-arbitrary basis whether or not you have too much money to need help.

For those of your without a disabled relative, it’s hard to imagine how expensive it can be to keep a disabled relative in the home.

For those dependent on technology for eating, breathing, or speaking, it gets even more expensive and complicated and life becomes form after form, endless paperwork with no inter-agency coordination. It is soul-crushing stuff.

I personally have had the experience of being told that my family made ‘too much money’ to be helped by our socialized system.

I had heard a rumour that this was an arbitrary determination, and heard of one family that had previously, succesfully sued the government to get 24 hour nursing support for a disabled child.

I was actually given an income table by a government worker assigned to “help” us.

The income table determined that we had too much income to need things like g-tube formula for my son which costs about $1500 per month.

Imagine my delight to find out that it was totally bullshit. They made up the guideline numbers-it’s not the law.

Basically, these mandarins have been arbitrarily playing G-d with families, making decisions about who can get help according to their own whims.

I believe this story has legs, and that more families like mine will pursue the government for what they are entitled to for their disabled relatives.

Welcome to the socialized medical system, where bean counters make decisions that affect the quality of your life on a daily basis, based on ZERO expertise, and ZERO legislation. Isn’t that comforting? They just made stuff up as they went along.

Read the whole thing.


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