Morgan Hill flag insanity continued (video)

“I never thought I’d be on national TV for wearing the American flag.” Indeed. Only in a nation that has lost the will to live would somebody who wears the national emblem on a minor holiday of a minority group — not even observed in most of the home country of said minority — be punished for “hurting the feelings” of the minority. (It’s not like they bowdlerized “Cinco de Mayo” as “Cinco de Quattro”, as a certain POTUS [payaso of the United States] has been known to do.)

Amusingly, the two “thought criminals” being interviewed both have last names (Carvalho and Maciel) that would seem to hail from the Iberian peninsula, which suggests they might qualify as Hispanics themselves.

See earlier coverage by Zombie as well as our own earlier coverage.

Also, while I shall not dwell on the place I once called home, those otherwise inclined will find some interesting material related to this controversy at Diary of Daedalus.


2 thoughts on “Morgan Hill flag insanity continued (video)

  1. I hear fresh from his triumphant identifying of the Tennessee state flag as a neo-nazi insignia, noted Vexilioligist Charles Johnson is again wieghing in on another flag-centered controversey….

    Does he even know what the Mexican flag looks like?

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