Corollary of Samuel Johnson’s Law

On the C2 overnight chill thread, “Kosh’s Shadow” wonders:

In #58 Kosh’sShadow said: Reply to realwest in #41: I’m OK but tired; heading to bed soon. How did we end up with media and academia that hates the country that gives them the freedom to do so?

Let me have a shot at an answer.

Samuel Johnson once memorably stated: “The knowledge that one is going to be hanged in a fortnight has the habit of concentrating the mind wonderfully.”

People in the “chattering class” who get off on moral preening and who are insulated from the consequences of their own recommendations feel uninhibited by the latter.

Israel (where I currently am on business), for example, has no shortage of preening moral narcissists in her media and academia either. But most of them there know that if, for example, the Security Fence is taken down, they themselves might get blown up in a suicide bombing attack. This “Samuel Johnson effect” tends to bring them down to Earth.

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