Zombie reports on “Queers for Palestine” protest

There’s tough competition for the most insane group on the whacked-out looney left, but any shortlist for that dubious distinction must include the gang of kooks going under the moniker “Queers Undermining Israeli Terror”, a.k.a. “Queers for Palestine”, a.k.a. “Chickens for Colonel Sanders”. My blog-ancestor chronicles their latest antics in his/her latest report, which is — believe it or not — against a film festival focusing on “ghey” culture in Israel.

QUIT is accusing Israel of “pinkwashing” its treatment of Palestinians by promoting how gay-friendly the nation is while sweeping under the rug its “apartheid policies” toward Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza. I invite you to read QUIT’s manifesto above and try to wrap your mind around their point of view — which may not be an easy task. Note how QUIT in no way disputes the fact that Israel is queer-friendly; nor do they dispute the fact that gays in Palestine generally face immediate execution (by mob violence, government dictate, or even at the hands of their own families) if ever found out. Mostly, QUIT conveniently fails to mention what happens to gays in Palestine, but to the extent that they do mention it, they lay the blame on Israel. QUIT’s “logic” goes like this: Israel has the Palestinians trapped like rats in a cage, and it is this desperate social condition which causes Palestinian society to become so twisted that it oppresses its own people; furthermore, by closing the borders, Israel prevents gay Palestinians from fleeing the horrors of Palestine for the freedom of . . . Israel.

Dizzy yet?

Of course, my analysis is this: The members of QUIT are in a “hipper-than-thou” arms race with other far-left radicals, and realized that if they want to be at the forefront of leftist political activism, they absolutely need to be anti-Israel and pro-Palestine, as that has become a defining feature of far-left ideologies. But as a gay rights group, QUIT was confronted by the deeply unfortunate fact that gays are safe, free and happy in Israel, while being oppressed, closeted and/or dead in Palestine. Other far-left groups coped with this problematic political conundrum by studiously ignoring the whole issue, thus obviating the need to resolve it. QUIT, on the other hand, uniquely has attempted to address the issue head on. Yet in order to somehow justify being pro-Palestine while at the same time supporting gay rights, QUIT necessarily needed to engage in the most ludicrous philosophical gymnastics in order to find some way to reconcile two irreconcilable positions.

But the end result is worse than QUIT could have imagined, because when all is said and done, they are promoting a society in which gays are simply not allowed to exist, and end up championing the grotesquely oppressive Arab/Islamic social order.

If QUIT truly cared about the rights of gays in Palestine and the Middle East, they would celebrate the treatment of gays in Israel and point to it as a model for other Middle Eastern countries to emulate. Instead of fighting for Arab self-rule in Palestinian territories — which would inevitably lead to a complete extirpation of all gay rights if not all gay people — QUIT should take the position that Israel should administer the Palestinian territories, because only under Israeli rule could gay Palestinians have any chance of survival. And instead of advocating that Palestinians continue their violent confrontational stance against Israel, QUIT should absolutely insist on Palestinian non-violence, which would allow the endless Intifada to fade away, quell all terror incidents, and allow Israel to once again open the border to Palestinian day workers and immigrants — and allow gay Palestinians to escape to the freedom of Israeli society.

But no. QUIT does the exact opposite of all those things. Which makes them among the most mystifying, and in some ways, the most loathsome of all leftist protest groups.

UPDATE: a commenter there notes that just one block away, radical Islamists shot a homosexual man near a bar that, ironically, is called “Andalus” (the name Arabs give to the Iberian peninsula, which survives as the name of one region of Spain).

In my day job, I have known some scarily intelligent people that were however unable to distinguish between essentials and particulars, or to prioritize issues to deal with or work to do. (Others do so naturally, yet others have to be taught.) In politics, the way many American Jews of an older generation (generally not themselves looney-left liberal) are easily scared into voting Democrat might be one example. Likewise, at this stage, whatever the beef homosexuals have with residual “homophobia” in Israel is at the level of arguing about interior decoration while the house is on fire. Of course, assuming Q.U.I.T. to be even this rational is giving them more credit than they are worth.


2 thoughts on “Zombie reports on “Queers for Palestine” protest

  1. I was trying to think up some extra comment to say here, but I just re-read the passage above taken from my essay, and, well — I already said it all! Criticizing QUIT is like shooting fish in a barrel — it’s impossible to miss.

    Sorry for the especially low-quality photos in the report. In the captions I didn’t want to go into great detail as to why, but because of the close quarters I didn’t feel comfortable just standing there overtly taking pictures, because I suspected (correctly) that people on both sides of the debate were keeping an eye out for me. So I had to stand around and “talk” on my cell phone, while in reality taking cell-phone pictures sideways at random. If I was less well-known, I could have made a better report!

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