VAT, 2nd foreclosure wave, more employment

3wood of the JammieWearingFool team also hosts the “All about the Benjamins” economics section on Correspondence Committee (my other hangout). Some recent, depressing, “read the whole thing” entries:

Some of 0bama’s more overheated detractors claim that he and his acolytes are destroying the USA. The truth may be bad enough — that his policies may transform the USA into a ‘me too’ version of European Union countries, with high taxes, permanent 10%-range unemployment, permanent 20%-range youth unemployment, low economic growth, limited economic mobility, and unsustainable healthcare systems that eventually lead to rationing.

Except that the only people that make Euro government clerks looks like paragons of competence and mental agility are their US counterparts. (In most Euro countries, government service is considered a respected career path rather than ‘only for those too dumb and/or lazy to make it in the private sector’, and as a result attracts some people of real ability.)


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