CNN reaching out to conservatives? Some reflections

Flying pigs abound: CNN (Contemptible News Network) sent a reporter to a Tea Party, and he actually does a good piece on it. Michelle Malkin, Newsbusters, and Dan Riehl all note that CNN is actually trying to promote its piece to conservative journalists and opinionmakers. Michelle Malkin sees this as a desperation move for ratings by a tanking network. Dan Riehl is more sanguine, notes that CNN also hired Erick Erickson of, and says that any attempt by a liberal news organization to become a bit more ideologically diverse should be applauded and encouraged.

The inveterate cynic in me wonders, however, if something “deeper” is going on? Has the Axelrod-Emanuel machine concluded that the marginalization strategy is not working (as the Tea Party has just grown too big and diverse) and that they should try to co-opt it instead? Even if they can peel off 15-20% of the Tea Partiers by feigning interest in their concerns, that could pull the chestnuts out of the fire for them in the next election.

Not to mention, if the water carriers of the 0bama administration in the MSM could build up some tea Partier as a third-party candidate…


One thought on “CNN reaching out to conservatives? Some reflections

  1. The network that was dumb enough to voluntarily hang that ratings millstone around their necks known as Joy Behar has somehow miraculously found religion when it comes to the Tea Party?

    Color me suspicious….as for Axelrod and Emmanuel’s hypothetical strategy of peeling off enough voters from the Tea Party, I think that could fall by the wayside as soon as those voters are reminded how the Democrat supermajority conducted themselves in the last year or so and what they said (and in some cases are still saying) about the ‘teabaggers’ themselves….

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