Amazing Michael Yon photo

Minutes after he took it, Michael Yon posted the following intriguing picture to his Facebook page:

The story behind it, in Michael’s own words:

Paying for damages: I took this photo about five minutes ago while a soldier counted Afghan money. Our people keep cash on hand to pay for damages we cause during operations and so forth. From what I have seen, the money is well spent and is a big help here.

Whew. Behold the face of freelance battlefield journalism in 2010. It’s also a good pic to send to people who claim the US just destroys houses and does not pay compensation to their owners/residents.

More great stuff at Michael’s FaceBook page and his website. Remember — his work is only supprted by reader donations, so if you can spare some for him…

Why the legacy media haven’t offered The Two Michaels (Totten and Yon) lucrative war correspondence gigs is beyond me. Maybe because “they don’t stay on message” — but if that were the only reason, one would expect a lucrative offer from the WSJ, Fox News, the Times of London, or the Daily Telegraph?

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