Legislative malpractice

This picture snapped by Dr. Helen Smith (a.k.a. “Instawife”) says more than a thousand words:

In the comments to another picture (unrelated) posted by Insty, I found this righteous rant on the same topic:

You’re right; we are living in the age of America’s decline. I can remember both my own parents and many others of their age who absolutely refused to accept government help and would have starved before asking for it. They thought that their obligation was to make enough to deal with their own problems and that people who took money from the government were lazy beggars.

I could see among the people my age, starting in the 70’s, that this attitude no longer pertained. The thinking seemed to be that if they could get by without working, no matter who was paying the bill, they were happy with the situation.

Our population has grown and ingested a large number of lazy people who think themselves entitled to a free living at someone else’s expense. They’ve not the slightest qualm at using the IRS as a weapon to force those who work for their money to pay large sums of that money to support the parasites and sloths who refuse to support themselves.

If Obamacare passes, as a nation we’ve just taken the anchor, wrapped it around our necks, and jumped overboard. We’re done and absolutely, irrevocably doomed to national default and currency destruction. I’m embarrassed to think that I live in a country whose political class is either so stupid, or so venal, as to not admit this.

I used to be very angry at the 52% who voted for Obama. I now realize that it was the entire system that could produce such ignorant fools that was at fault. America has got a lot of waking up and growing up to do, and they’re only just beginning those tasks. The next decade is going to be damned ugly because the sheeple are going to find out just how much the mistakes they’ve allowed to happen are going to hurt them.

UPDATE: Roadside billboard has Dhimmi Carter saying: “They can’t call me the worst president anymore”. Signed: “Paid for by a small business owner”.

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