Coffee Party: Strange Brew

Fenway Nation puts it best: “Astroturf Yields Weak Coffee Crop. Dozens Turn Out Nationwide For ‘Successful’ Coffee Parties”. Read the whole thing.

Insty has more:

UPDATE: Dan Riehl has more on the far-left connections of, well, just about every “coffee party” organizer here and here. As a “grassroots” “nonpartisan” movement this doesn’t even pass the laugh test.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Party: Strange Brew

  1. Thanks for the top billing, FF….all that’s missing is the Drudge-esque flashing red light.

    I did not know that the Coffee Party organizer was a spokestool for the pawnbroker Scott Lee Coen. Did the mafia-friendly loan officer have enough spokestools in his staff?

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