NYT publisher takes home $6M in compensation

If you figure that the publisher of a failing newspaper that has to secure credit at near-loan shark terms, sell its building, lay off staff, and cut salaries of the remainder would be willing to make some sacrifices — especially one that likes to prate a lot about ‘social justice’ — think again.

Arthur Sulzberger Jr.’s overall compensation as chairman of the New York Times Company “more than doubled to $6 million in 2009,” reports Dow Jones Newswires. That during a year during which many Times reporters and editors, who make about $100,000 a year, were subjected to a 5% pay cut, and reporters at the Globe, who make less than those at the Times, took a 5.9% pay cut. Something to remember the next time you read one of those New York Times editorials piously denouncing income inequality.


One thought on “NYT publisher takes home $6M in compensation

  1. Oh my…we’ve been hearing all about the evils of big oil, big pharma or big insurance and how unjust it is that their CEOs make 7+ figures….

    Some of these MSM types are just quietly slinking away hoping the mirror isn’t held up to them…

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