NHS: patients treated in broom closets

At Tammy Bruce’s website (h/t: Dan Riehl via twitter), a long and very worthwhile blog post detailing how unsustainability problems are driving the British NHS to care levels I would consider unacceptable for dogs, let alone humans. In brief:

  • Patients are already being treated in broom closets, etc., due to lack of space
  • Still the NHS wants to cut hospital beds by as much as 1/3
  • Patient neglect is routine at some hospitals, including some top-rated ones
  • In the name of cost-cutting, doctors now need to seek approval for pretty basic procedures

But remember, as Nancy Pelosi said, we need government healthcare so ‘artistes’ don’t need to get a job so they can keep their healthcare.


2 thoughts on “NHS: patients treated in broom closets

  1. Thank you for your trackback on this post. What a pleasure to discover you. I subscribed to your blog. Great work you’re doing here.

    My jaw dropped when I read Nancy Pelosi’s remark about people being freed to pursue a career in the Arts. They’ve tried just about everything now to sell the health care bill.

    Providing health care is challenging and any system will be imperfect. The notion “we have to do something” presumes any change is an improvement. It isn’t as though it takes a leap of faith (we’ll know what’s in the bill after we pass it). We have abundant examples of government regulated health care to warn us.


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