Weak tea and real astroturf from “Coffee Party”

[Catchup post after very long plane trip for work.] Hot Air describes the soft-focus fluff reporting by the legacy media (particularly the NYT) on a new “Coffee Party” billing itself as a ‘regressiveprogressive’ answer to the Tea Party movement. An Instapundit reader points out that the lead organizer of this weak tea, in fact, bills herself on her LinkedIn profile as a former “strategy analyst” for the… NYT. The profile has meanwhile gone down the memory hole but a screenshot was cached here:

Dan Riehl details this woman’s prior activity in the “Nutroots”. Confederate Yankee talks of false flag recruiting: “A possibly fake Tea Party candidate may be looking to help Harry Reid, and a blatantly Astroturfed ‘Coffee Party’ gets a smattering of attention.”  Tom Maguire and William Jacobson. “It is very clear from Park’s background, and her own Tweets, that the Coffee Party simply is part of the perpetual Obama campaign, a means by which to subvert the real grassroots Tea Party movement by co-opting part of the message, but in a way which supports keeping Obama in power.” From the comments there: “This strikes me as little more than a construct to enable the media to have a Tea Party counterweight.”


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