ClimateGate update: “weather is not climate” edition

The Eastern seaboard of the United States is currently being assailed by a snowstorm dropping two inches of GoreFlakes™ per hour. DC and Philly area residents on Correspondence Committee reported 2 foot of snow and mounting — as well as residents being told to huddle in their homes. While NASA continues to claim that January 2010 was the hottest on record (which will be news to all of us freezing in unseasonably cold weather), NOAA reported all-time record snowfall for the Washington-Baltimore area even before the recent snow storm.

In related news:

“Climate change” is not a story of climate change, which has been a fact of life throughout our planet’s history. It is a far more contemporary story about the corruption of science and “peer review” by hucksters, opportunists and global-government control-freaks. I can see what’s in it for Dr. Pachauri and professor Hasnain [who obtained the ‘melting glaciers’ by rectal extraction, NCT], and even for the lowly Environmental Correspondent enjoying a cozy sinecure at a time of newspaper cutbacks in everything from foreign bureaus to arts coverage.

But it’s hard to see what’s in it for Dan Gajewski of Ottawa and the millions of kindred spirits who’ve signed on to this racket and are determined to stick with it. Don’t be the last off a collapsing bandwagon. The scientific “consensus” is melting way faster than the glaciers.”

Link to previous edition: “up is down”.

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