Posted by: New Class Traitor | February 4, 2010

Le Monde: “Bush was not the problem, 0bama is not the solution”

It appears that even the Euro New Class elite (as per its French mouthpiece, Le Monde) now realize that Bush wasn’t the problem, and 0bama not the answer:

Bush was not the problem. Obama is not the solution: one year after the arrival at the White House of a Democratic president, disenchantment is mutual on either side of the Atlantic. The Allies are discovering — if indeed they were unaware of it before — that misunderstandings go beyond individuals.

Having denounced Mr. Bush’s imperialism, Europeans are criticizing Mr. Obama for his impotence. They are complaining of his not being able to bend China at the Copenhagen summit on the fight against global warming. “We overestimated his room for maneuver,” said adviser to the French executive; “The Chinese were facing a weakling”, said a person close to Mr. Sarkozy.

File under: “I told you so, you f—ing fools



  1. Jeez….next thing you know, they’ll be second guessing our military presence in Haiti.

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