Socialized medicine trifecta

The Daily Mail (h/t: Pi Guy) had the following three headlines together on the front page (screenshot here) that illustrate exactly how “great” socialized medicine is in the UK:

In related news, Canadian Prime Minister Newfoundland and Labrador Premier comes to US for medical care. Instapundit is having a field day with this:

From the comments: “Seems to me that when our Premier goes to the US for heart surgery, the analogy that comes to mind would be if the President of General Motors said ‘Our GM cars are fantastic, but myself — I own a Ford.’”

UPDATE: Reader Geoff Coghlin writes:

“I’m a Canadian in Australia, and a great fan of your blog.

The premier heading [S]outh is not new. The Canadian political elite has long headed to the US for medical services while – with straight faces – extolling the virtues of socialized medicine for everyone else. And US hospitals are always used to back up a system in Canada that can’t meet demand.

It prompts the question: If the US adopts Obamacare, how will the Canadian health care system survive?”

Good question.

ANOTHER UPDATE: More from the Globe and Mail.


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