Air Pelosi

If I were writing a satirical novel about limousine liberal politicians and their sense of entitlement, and had included Nancy Peelousy’s latest antics, my editor would probably have told me to delete the portrayal as cartoonish and unrealistic.

As it turns out, Pelosi not only spends millions of taxpayer dollars using air force planes as her personal diva-taxis, but allegedly has these planes ferry around her children and grandchildren. (More here and here.)

The richest part of it: one of the sons gives lectures on… how to reduce your carbon footprint.

But to say they are receiving outright gifts from the Treasury would be slanderous. You see: they do pay — at coach class commercial airfare rates. (Spit.)

UPDATE: Mudville Gazette reports that the rules for congressional air travel on military aircraft were recently rewritten, in clear response to the Pelosi family’s antics.

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