Former Surgeon-General warns against healthcare rationing

The Politico (video at link, hat tip: Pi Guy):

A hale, 93-year-old C. Everett Koop, Surgeon General in the Reagan Administration, stars in this new spot from the conservative 60-plus association.

“I’m 93 and thank G-d for every year. I’m here with 2 artificial joints, 2 pacemakers to keep my heart in rhythm, as well as a stent to keep my coronaries open,” he says. “Seniors in this country can get the care I received, but in some places, like the United Kingdom, we would be considered too old and the cost to the state too high.”

Koop doesn’t directly tie that rationing to the health care legislation before Congress, but instead goes on to denounce Democrats for “keeping the discussion and specifics secret.”

Insty wonders if this was the last straw leading to this: Democrats slamming the brakes on healthcare overhaul.

One thought on “Former Surgeon-General warns against healthcare rationing

  1. […] Flew the Koop By RoboMonkey 60 Plus announced a new advertising campaign featuring former US Surgeon General C. Everett Koop. The ad, which targets Congress, asks people to call their Representatives and Senators and urge them to “Start Over – Get Healthcare Right.” (H/T: New Class Traitor) […]

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