Coakley vs. Brown: 0bama heckled in… Massachusetts?!

The Massachusetts by-election just keeps getting better. Instapundit and Gateway Pundit both have loads of stuff:

  • 0bama speaks at rally for Coakley, cannot fill the hall…
  • …and gets heckled?! At a university?! In freaking Massachusetts?! What’s next, Berkeley electing a Republican mayor?!   UPDATE: top meme on Memeorandum: Dems blaming Bush for poor turnout and high enthusiasm for Brown. I’ve seen 5-year olds behave more maturely.
  • 0bama warns: elect Coakley or my social engineering experiment will be finished. This should be all the motivation anyone needs 😉
  • Two polls give Brown a wide lead. (See also here.) However, it ain’t over until it’s over, guys: Rasmussen still has a dead heat. And remember: winning isn’t enough, it’s winning so good they can’t cheat.
  • Lefty site Firedoglake turns on Coakley?!
  • The Boston Globe [!]: “The feverish excitement that propelled Barack Obama and scores of other Democrats to victory in 2008 has all but evaporated, worrying party leaders who are struggling to invigorate the base before Tuesday’s Massachusetts Senate race and November’s critical midterm contests, pollsters and party activists said.”
  • Fred Barnes: interim senator cannot legally vote after Tuesday.
  • Greyhawk: “I’m not in Massachusetts, so I’m really puzzled by some of the assumptions of the strategists in the Coakley campaign. Besides bringing this “Scott Brown defends young, unwed mothers” issue to the forefront, did they really think emphasizing Brown’s opposition to forcing Nuns to perform abortions was a vote-getter for their side? And what does that have to do with his Guard service?” Snarks Insty: “They’re just flailing now, hoping that something will work.”
  • Related: After a year, hope turns into disappointment. Pi Guy thinks they have it backwards 😉
  • Belmont Club: “Firestorm
  • C2 contributor “Behold an Iron Horse” on Curt Schilling endorsing Brown. People who care about professional sports tell me this is a really big deal. And I agree on this thing: the Coakley campaign at this point looks like a self-parody. I have trouble making up my mind whether they’re trying to throw the GOP off-balance by looking completely feckless, or actively trying to make Brown win the election. The latter would get many vulnerable Dem congresscritters off the hook from having to vote for 0baminationcare.
  • Speaking of sports, Don Surber is keeping score
  • UPDATE: Strata-Sphere: White House internally admits MA election slipping away. Let’s not get cocky, guys: remember Yogi Berra’s Law!
  • UPDATE: JWF: It was like the Hindenburg crashing into the Titanic
  • More updates to follow

UPDATE: Correspondence Committee, my other hangout, has

And last but not least, from my honored blog-ancestor, now at Pajamas Media:

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