Zombie: “Soylent pink” on vat-grown meat

Congratulations to my blog-ancestor Zombie on his/her new home at Pajamas Media.

Here is a new article: Soylent Pink: in-vitro stem cell meat on the menu soon. “Vat-grown meat” is of course a staple of sci-fi, for example in the story-universe  created in Lois McMaster Bujold‘s Vorkosigan Series. Zombie actually quotes a 1936 article by Winston Churchill (!) where he predicts the concept.

Zombie wonders if people will embrace the idea. Personally, I definitely would (not pork, of course!). Keeping kosher (which I do, albeit liberally) can be seen as a G-d-given compromise between the vegetarian ideal and a human’s  natural craving for animal protein. Vat-grown meat would be a G-dsend for not just practicing Jews but for anyone who feels guilty about needlessly taking an animal’s life for sustenance yet is left hungry by soy or gluten protein.

There’s also the “glowbull worming” angle, of course. Go read the whole thing!


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