Haiti: US helps, UN begs+”la politique politicienne”

While the US is, as usual, pulling the lion’s share of the weight in the rescue effort after the Haiti tragedy, Claudia Rosett shows how, once again, the UN begs for money but does little.

“Coldwarrior” at The Blogmocracy looks at the logistics of major rescue operations such as those in Haiti. Insty links a post saying “money is worth nothing right now, water is the currency“. Think millions of these puppies?

French has an expression “la politique politicienne” which idiomatically roughly means “cynical, petty partisan politics”. And as expected, the usual political hustlers are trying to make hay of the catastrophe. Both Pat Robertson and Danny Glover once again, instead of having people think he is an idiot for keeping their mouth shut, prefer to remove all doubt.

However, it’s hard to choose which is worse: an opinionated fool who blames earthquakes on global warming or political master-gigolo Bill Clinton exploiting the Haiti tragedy to exhort people to vote for Coakley in Tuesday’s Senate by-election. This sets, I believe, a new benchmark for “politique politicienne”. And, if I were a Democrat, would be reason for me to never donate another penny to the party.

UPDATE: if you want to donate money for the Haiti relief effort, caveat donor.

UPDATE 2: In case you need an emetic, ousted dictator ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier offers $8M of money he no longer has to help. (H/t: Squatch)

UPDATE Jan 18: Ironically, people in ramshackle huts got off “cheap”ly while those living in (better-looking but shoddily built) middle class apartment buildings were crushed under the concrete.

And while CNN’s medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta proved he is still a doctor, the Belgians no longer seem to be “the bravest among the Gauls“.


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