Exodus portion video: Metallica, “Creeping Death”

The Torah readings in synagogues are on a yearly cycle: this week is Parashat Bo (Exodus 10:1–13:16), which contains the story of final three Plagues of Egypt and the subsequent exit of the Jews from Egypt.

Metallica, of course, have one signature song that is based on this story, and in fact named after the Tenth Plague. The video below couples the studio recording (from the seminal “Ride the lightning” album) with footage from the movie “Prince of Egypt”.



One thought on “Exodus portion video: Metallica, “Creeping Death”

  1. awesome!! exactly what i needed… i use this song at my seders, using images from the Brick Testament. This video will appear on TweetTheExodus tomorrow– check it out, and thank you!

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