Coakley vs. Brown: Money-carpetbombing?

[Still busy as heck here.] Some Coakley vs. Brown/MA Senate by-election stories (see also frequent coverage at Legal Insurrection, Riehl World View, Gateway Pundit, and of course Instapundit — UPDATE: Killian Bundy has a nice recap):

  • We cheated, and he still won
  • Is the Boston Globe getting out of Coakley’s tank?
  • New poll has Brown up 15% over Coakley. Does Spock have a beard, or does Lincoln’s Law apply to Massachusetts after all? The “right” blogosphere is of course abuzz with predictions on how boxes of votes for Coakley will suddenly be “discovered” during a recount…
  • The first-ever money-carpetbomb?
  • Incredible tone-deafness: DSCC uses image of Twin Towers as a symbol of “corporate greed” in attack ad. Rudy Giuliani is not amused.
  • Jennifer Rubin notes that Coakley used to be ahead by 30 points. What changed? Aside from her being a lousy campaigner, of course. “Since September, the country has witnessed the visible battle over ObamaCare — late-night votes, Cash for Cloture deals, and a bill that offends a wide array of groups. Democrats have never looked up or paused to consider the public’s views on the matter. . . . That arrogant defiance of public opinion and the unseemly legislative process that produced a grossly unpopular bill have fueled a resurgence of anger and determination among conservatives and even usually apathetic independents. They now are anxious to send a message to Washington: stop ignoring the voters. We saw it in New Jersey and Virginia. Now we learn that even Massachusetts may not be immune.”
  • Jonah Goldberg: “The Democrats’ “bad climate” is a direct result of how they’ve governed. The populist backlash is fueled by a sense that Democrats are acting on their preferred agenda and by their own rules. From the shenanigans of the people who write our tax code and collect our taxes to special deals and secret arrangements for big businesses and legislators who play ball, the Democrats have abandoned transparency in favor of transparent arrogance.[…] Coakley is a creature of this climate. She hasn’t been running for “Ted Kennedy’s seat,” she’s been strolling to it like someone who knows it’s been reserved for her and all she needs to do is swing by the will-call window to pick it up.
  • UPDATE: This is huge. Cambridge, MA police officers association endorses Brown, despite Coakley’s husband being a retired cop himself. (H/t Squatch) Stinging letter attached to endorsement: “Ms. Coakley along with some of her campaign workers have talked publicly about how her husband is a retired Cambridge Police Officer, giving appearances that she is being endorsed by the Cambridge Police. This may be an innocent insinuation but most do take this as our giving her our support and endorsement. Yesterday, the CPPOA Executive Board voted to endorse State Senator Scott Brown in the upcoming election for US Senate. In an 11 to 2 vote, the Executive Board voted overwhelmingly in favor of the endorsement. We do not endorse anyone who advocates changes in the health care that take away any bargaining rights or increases our cost along with our contributions. Senator Brown does not support the Comprehensive Healthcare Reform Bill and promises to be the 41st vote to ensure its defeat.”
  • BREAKING: 0bama declares MA senate race a referendum on his presidency. (h/t: Pi Guy)

And relatedly, in the “keep plucking that chicken” department:

  • Megan McArdle: special deal for labor unions likely to tee off more voters. At this rate, I am starting to wonder if 0bama isn’t really a libertarian mole out to discredit the Democratic party for decades
  • Charles Krauthammer: “What went wrong? A year ago, he was king of the world. Now President Obama’s approval rating, according to CBS, has dropped to 46 percent — and his disapproval rating is the highest ever recorded by Gallup at the beginning of an (elected) president’s second year. […] A year ago, he was leader of a liberal ascendancy that would last 40 years (James Carville). A year ago, conservatism was dead (Sam Tanenhaus). Now the race to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in bluest of blue Massachusetts is surprisingly close, with a virtually unknown state senator bursting on the scene by turning the election into a mini-referendum on Obama and his agenda, most particularly health care reform.” Read the whole thing.
  • UPDATE: Ben Nelson asks Dingy Harry to withdraw his Nebraska bribe (H/t: Running Bare). Perhaps after his own constituents told him to leave a new pizza restaurant he wanted to dine at? (The Nebraskans may not be Amish, but they surely know the art of “shunning”.)
  • Further updates as the day progresses!

One thought on “Coakley vs. Brown: Money-carpetbombing?

  1. “Coakley used to be ahead by 30 points. What changed?” The Mass voters are doing what the rest of American have been trying to do for months, let the Democrat controlled federal government that they are wrong. By voting for a conservative Senator in a seat that has been held by a Democrat for 57 years, the voters of Mass are making there voice heard.

    This will be an interesting vote next Tuesday. I will also say that I am fearful of the corrupt politics that if this goes to a recount that the voters will be robed of their votes. Currently it is the Democrats that are guilty of this, ie Minn Senator Al Franken, all though the Republicans have been guilty of it in the past. Both parties should be ashamed of how far the morality of the government has fallen.

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