Coakley vs. Brown: a watershed moment

Still too busy to really blog… But I cannot resist pointing out the US story of the week:

“Pi Guy” at Correspondence Committee and Gateway Pundit have been blogging up a storm about the by-election for the Massachusetts senate seat of Chappaquiddick Ted Kennedy. Normally you’d expect any such election in MA to be a shoo-in for the Democrats. This time, however, Republican candidate Brown is really making them not just nervous, but desperate, judging from the ever-more hysterical accusations leveled at Brown (pretty much the only thing he has not yet been accused of is mother-‘love’).

And while this incredibly patronizing piece is not news, the blowback in the comments definitely is.

Lincoln’s Law in action?

UPDATE: Follow Prof. William Jacobson’s coverage of the by-election

UPDATE 2: Maybe it would help Coakley if her ads didn’t misspell the name of her own state

Memorandum top meme: video evidence of thuggery by Coakley campaigh

UPDATE 3: Michelle Malkin: “Coakley is the voice of the little people like Ted Kennedy is the voice of sobriety“. Go read the whole thing.Another quotable quote: “She treats ladies’ gardening clubs like crooks — and crooks like ladies’ gardening clubs.”

UPDATE 4: SEIU-affiliated [!] local police union endorses Brown. A nice scoop for fellow C2 denizen “Behold an iron horse“.


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