Vital signs+ClimateGate update

At the moment, work and some real-life “stuff” leave me little if any time to blog for a few days. Anybody needing to get a ClimateGate update should check this out (H/t: Pi Guy).

Meanwhile, here is an older Rush video for the song, “Vital signs”. The song is a bit unusual in the Rush catalog, featuring a reggae-ish beat over a sequencer pattern. The lyrics are full of word games any electronics technician or audio engineer will chuckle at. But at a different level it’s really about interpersonal relationships going awry because of faulty communication. The “moneygraf”:

The impulse is pure;
Sometimes our circuits get shorted
By external interference.
Signals get crossed
And the balance distorted
By internal incoherence.

“Internal incoherence” does not always have to mean: “illogical” or “factually incoherent”. One major source of interpersonal communication disturbances is people being conflicted within themselves, or unable to be honest with themselves.



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