MA senate seat now toss-up?!

As the Massachusetts senate seats must have been “D” since the paleolithic era, the fact that Chappaquiddick Ted’s vacant senate seat is even competitive, let alone appears to be a toss-up,  is unbelievable news:

YOU DON’T SAY: Brown grassroots vs Coakley machine: “I don’t think they play at all fairly.”

UPDATE: Dan Riehl on what you can do.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader James Doherty writes: “Just wanted to say – I am a MA resident, and the Coakley ads that were nowhere to be seen in the entire campaign have hit the airwaves big time today. Also, we got called twice by her lackeys tonight alone. Something has clearly changed, and not for the better in her opinion.”

POLL: Massachusetts Senate Race Now A Toss-Up. I had noticed that the powers-that-be in Massachusetts were acting kinda nervous, so maybe their own polls say something similar. It must be troubling when your push-pollers ask people if it would affect their vote if the guy was a Nazi and the respondents say “Nope, he’d still be better than Coakley.”

UPDATE: Reportedly, the Boston Herald poll is a toss-up, too.

And of course, politicians belonging to a party that calls itself “Democratic” brag they won’t seat the Republican if he’s elected, so they can pass 0bamacare anyway. The party should just rename itself PCP (the Power and Control Party) and be done with it.


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