Orson Scott Card on Sarah Palin and her book “Going Rogue”

Legendary sci-fi author Orson Scott Card has a blog, “The Ornery American“, on which he infrequently posts a piece of always eminently readable commentary. (Can the author of “Ender’s Game” produce anything that’s not eminently readable?)

This piece is on Sarah Palin and her book, “Going Rogue”, and in passing addresses some of the ‘intellectual’ pretensions of the New Class.

[…] I have been angry for more than a year now about the way she has been, and continues to be, savaged by the liberal media. She has done nothing to warrant this treatment. If she had been a Democrat with the identical record of achievements, she would be celebrated as one of the heroes of the Left.

Her only crime was that when she was chosen as McCain’s running mate, their poll numbers shot up fast and far enough that the Left realized she might actually be the thing that beat Obama! Therefore she had to be destroyed.

And having once treated her with such gross unfairness and indecency (if you view their records dispassionately, there was nothing wrong with her, like inexperience or ignorance, that was not wronger with Obama!), the Left has to keep proving that their victim somehow deserved the vicious, snarling, tearing attacks on her.

So ever since her book came out, we have seen it reviewed as if it had been scrawled on toilet paper by a child. Many have reviewed the book as if its author were well-known for her stupidity, though in fact nothing is clearer than her vivid intelligence — she is far smarter than any of the people I have heard call her stupid. […]

He points out,  BTW, that he’s a Democrat (of the old school) and disagrees about half the time with Palin on the issues. And here is a telling story about “New Class” pseudo-intellectualism:

Many years ago, when Rush Limbaugh’s first book was newly in the stores, I was curious and bought his book on tape — read by him. I had never heard his radio program, but he was clearly making waves and I wanted to find out what he had to say.

As with Palin, I disagreed with at least half of Limbaugh’s views — but I found him enormously entertaining and I saw why he was a hit on the radio. He was very good at what he did. […]

It happened that the book was in my car as I provided a ride to two friends of mine, professors at a university. When they got in my car and saw the cover of Limbaugh’s book, you’d have thought it was the bloody corpse of a tortured cat, they reacted with such horror. They could not believe that I would read something by such a rabid right-winger.

At that moment I realized that even though these men thought of themselves as intellectuals, they were not. They were deliberately stupid with the stupidity of self-inflicted ignorance. I asked: Have you ever listened to him? No, they said. Then how did they know they hated him? Because everyone they knew said …

Yes, stupid. I said to them, “I can’t possibly know what I think about someone until I make some effort to find out who they are, how they think, what they’re actually doing.” I did not say: I just learned a lot more about you than you will ever know about Rush Limbaugh.


2 thoughts on “Orson Scott Card on Sarah Palin and her book “Going Rogue”

  1. I recall, back in the 90s when Rush first became “infamous”, that a number of people in the MSM were simultaneously slamming him and his show, and bragging about the fact that they had never listened to it and never would.

  2. I’m reminded of something that happened a few years back when me and my older, overbearing, Mother Jones reading sister were visiting my parents. I drove in late in my truck one night and was listening to a ballgame on the truck’s radio. I slept in the following morning only to discover my truck was gone- my sister had taken it without permission. When she finally did return, she stormed inside in a huff and said to my father (w/yours truly standing no more than three feet away) ‘Did you know that I turned on the radio in your son’s truck this morning and the first thing I hear was RUSH LIMBAUGH!?’
    My father, never really known for his off-the-cuff-quips said something along the lines of ‘Let me get this straight. You took your ADULT brother’s truck without permission, didn’t bother telling him where you were going once you left, didn’t bother putting any gas in the tank while you were gone, didn’t tell your mother or I where you were off to, and the first thing you do when you return is complain about what your ADULT brother has on the radio of the truck that he- not me, not your mom and certainly not you- is making the monthly dealer and insurance payments on? Am I getting this right?’

    The funny thing was that she had to assume that the station didn’t broadcast anything else like baseball games that I could listen to. Nope- apparently the station must’ve been broadcasting Limbaugh in a 24/7 perpetual loop for the sole purpose of offending her sensibilities while driving MY truck.

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