The original of “0bama shining Palin’s shoes” found

Here is the original picture that was photoshopped by somebody who superimposed the face of Chairman Zero on the shoeshine boy and of Sarah Palin on his customer. (More on that here.)

The usual suspects immediately yelled “raaaaacism!” and of course tried to blame Republicans. The image in fact reminded me not of race, but of the expression “he’s not fit to shine the other guy’s shoes” (cfr. the Hebrew expression: “A is not fit to unbuckle B’s shoe”, which entered the Gospels via Greek). Also, the photoshopped image has apparently been in circulation since the 2008 elections, so I’m at a loss to understand why this is becoming a hot topic now.

One thing it did convince me of: paraphrasing Isaac Asimov, “specious accusations of raaaaacism are the last refuge of the incompetent”.

In the meantime, an alternative photoshop has been making the rounds 😉


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