Iranian regime about to collapse?

Captain Ed reports that:

“the former head of Iranian intelligence and a high-ranking aide to Supreme Leader Ali Khameni, Mohammed Reza Mahdi, [..] tells theBangkok Post that Iran’s government will collapse soon under its own weight.  Mahdi calls current Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad “crazy,” and advises Iran to seek better relations with the US, Europe … and Israel: […]

The revolt during the summer, as well as the rigged presidential election that triggered it, turned Iran into a police state.  The real power now is wielded by the Revolutionary Guard, as Khamenei cannot survive without them.  And even the IRGC can’t hold the country if a widespread revolt took place, which may be why Khamenei’s warming up his private jet on the tarmac.

However, a police state can exist for a long time.  The Soviet Union became a police state very early in its history, and lasted for decades.  East Germany existed as almost nothing more than a pure police state for over 40 years, and only collapsed when its chief financial backer, the USSR, abandoned it.  Predicting the end of the Iranian mullahcracy is a bit of a fool’s game, somewhat akin to predicting the return of the Twelfth Mahdi or Armageddon — although that may be redundant, in Ahmadinejad’s crazy philosophy.

The key to toppling Iran is to give them no oxygen to maintain its life.  That is why the US should be stepping up the pressure on Iran instead of giving the mullahs legitimacy by attempting to pander to them.

Unfortunately, Captain Ed, the US is currently being run by one-half of “Mr. Ed” 😉


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