Rush Limbaugh released from hospital

Limbaugh said Friday at a Honolulu news conference that he was being released from the hospital, where he’d been since Wednesday. Doctors said he did not have a heart attack or heart disease. Limbaugh says they don’t know what caused the chest pains.

Asked whether he was taking painkillers, Limbaugh said no.

The comments mention that he was taking prednisone in order to deal with his well-publicized back pains, rather than the opioid painkillers that he developed an even more well-publicized addiction to in the past. Prednisone has a laundry list of side effects.

Another possibility (based on my own experiences) is on GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease), which can cause chest pains that, to the patient, feel suspiciously like an angina attack. Or maybe just a plain esophagitis.

Here is video of Rush’s press conference:

Commenter “mankai” snarks that grief counsellors were immediately dispatched to Daily Koos-Oom and the DhimmicrapulousDemocratic Underground.


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